Why Should You Vote For Brad?

  • He has 30 years of business management experience
  • He has great ideas of how to improve service to the citizens of Franklin County
  • He has advanced degrees in business that make him clearly the most qualified candidate
  • He was awarded the Excellence in Engineering Award for his management of the $139 Million building program at VMI
  • He has always been regarded as a highly ethical person
  • A strong economics background make him the right choice at the right time
  • A true conservative leader

Because he is the best choice to serve the residents of Franklin County.

Get to know Brad Archer. Here are some videos to introduce you to the best choice available for Treasurer. 

August, 2012- Mary Martin Live in Martinsville   http://youtu.be/5T8sv4ARMcc

September 2013- Mary Martin Live in Martinsville   http://youtu.be/mEDfhUNM5hg



Contact Information

I would love to hear from you and listen to your comments and concerns. Please contact me at bradford_archer@yahoo.com.